Arcadia Resorts Usage Calendar

Booking weeks with Arcadia Resorts is simple and easy. Your membership enables you to access some of the Finest Resorts in the world offering you amazing Vacation value. Each Member has a Specific number of Premier Nights and/or weeks. Your Nights provide you 3, 4, or 7 day stays. Most stays are for 7 nights. You can use your Nights at one of RCI’s 4000 resorts – no pre-banking of weeks is necessary, we take care of that with RCI, you pick the week you want and we handle the rest. If you choose to stay at Harbourside at Marker 33, the rules are a little different. Ten months a year, resort nights work the same as RCI, a 1:1 basis; however, in Peak times some stays at Harbourside require a surcharge of 2 nights for each 1 Night you stay. Harbourside allows three check-in days Sun-Sun, Sun-Thurs, Thurs-Sun. RCI allows any day check-in depending upon the specific resort rules.

Consult the calendar on this page to see the cost ratio for the week you want to book. Once you’re satisfied with where and when you’re going, give us a call and we’ll make your reservation for you.

ArcadiaPlUS International
(Comes with $250 Vacation Rebate)
January 1 Week 1 Week 4 Days 10 Days 5 Days 6 Days
February 1 Week 1 Week 1 Week 10 Days 5 Days 5 Days
March 1 Week 1 Week 2 Weeks* N/A 6 Days 6 Days
April 1 Week 1 Week 1 Week* N/A 6 Days 5 Days
May 1 Week 1 Week 1 Week* 11 Days 6 Days 6 Days
June 1 Week 1 Week 1 Week N/A 6 Days 5 Days
July 1 Week 1 Week* 2 Weeks* N/A 6 Days* 6 Days
August 1 Week 1 Week 1 Week N/A 6 Days 5 Days
September 1 Week 1 Week 4 Days* N/A 6 Days 6 Days
October 1 Week 1 Week 1 Week 10 Days 6 Days 5 Days
November 1 Week 1 Week 4 Days* 10 Days 6 Days 6 Days
December 1 Week 1 Week* 4 Days* 7 Days** 6 Days* 5 Days
* Denotes Surcharge for Peak Season or Holidays. It is our goal to ensure all of our members the highest utilization possible, so we have secured RCI weeks at over 4000 resorts to ensure your highest satisfaction. Peak Seasons dates for Harbourside will include Presidents Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years Holidays, March, and July, and require a two-night charge for each night of stay. We regret this upcharge, but it is the only way to ensure availability at the property during peak times. RCI Peak weeks are only for July 4th and Christmas Holidays.
** December 1-15th