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Using Your Weeks with RCI

A World of Amazing Vacation Opportunities

As an owner at Arcadia Resorts, you have the privilege of enrollment as a member of RCI, which offers you a world of luxury vacation opportunities and experiences in many of the most desirable resort destinations. Members of Arcadia Resorts are able to enjoy these distinctive benefits and exclusive services:

Exchanging Your Weeks with RCI

The RCI Gold Crown Exchange Program offers you leisure travel at its most luxurious — elegantly appointed accommodations in impeccably maintained surroundings, as well as unique and exclusive vacation experiences around the world.

When exchanging your weeks with RCI, remember it is a week-for-week exchange. When you call your RCI Arcadia Agent, you will need to have a time frame for travel and an area or specific resort you are looking for. The agent will be able to find you all availability for the time and place you are wanting to travel. If you don’t find immediate availability, remember to ask for an “on-going search”. This search will be put into the system and as soon a resort becomes available RCI will email you the details. Once you receive the email, you will have a day to call to book that stay.

Please be sure to call the specific number provided by Arcadia Resorts for RCI: 844-447-3100. Any other RCI number will not get you to the specially trained Arcadia agent. Don’t forget to take advantage of getaways with RCI. You will find these under RCI Last Calls. Extra Vacations are another great option to check out as well!

RCI Resorts - 4,000+ Resorts and Growing

Please NOTE: your RCI login is not critical to booking your stay. The RCI Directory can be accessed with or without your login, it really doesn’t change your RCI experience much; the directory is specifically available for you to find out about different resorts in different places, it is NOT to book a stay using your Arcadia Prepaid nights - all bookings will be made with a specialized Representative of RCI/Arcadia toll free at 1-844-447-3100. With their assistance, you will be assured you are provided with the most available inventory at the lowest cost of use (we offer everyday savings of nights at certain resorts - see Arcadia Plus benefits)

Experienced Timeshare Owners (General Info)
For Timeshare/RCI veterans, Arcadia offers greater flexible than you have likely experienced before: weeks trading power or “weeks banking” is not necessary to the process. Unlike in typical programs, your nights trade with RCI on a 1 to 1 basis with any silver or gold crown resort regardless of time of year (some holiday times may require a small night upcharge)..